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Framed images can protected with a high quality non-reflective glass (lens quality) and special museum quality UV non-reflective glass is also available, please ask for a quote.  The deep white mounts around the images or backs are personally signed by Ivan in all frames and ‘multi-frames’.

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Box Frames
Box Frames are images printed onto high quality photographic paper, with an ‘anti-scratch’ matt seal on surface applied for looks and protective qualities, mounted onto MDF, and set within deep set box frames (no glass).  Box Frames are 2” in depth and available from 7x7 to 40x32 inches.  There are five mouldings types from black, dark brown, bare ash wood, distressed white wood to pine.

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The Canvas Wraps Collection
Images on canvas material wrapped around the edges of its frame.  There are four types of canvas wraps available for your images.
2” Canvas Wrap
Photographic print, with a canvas effect print seal wrapped over a 2” deep MDF block enabling tight edges and sharp corners. Sizes from 10x8” to 60x40”.  Also available in square and panoramic sizes.
3” Canvas Wrap
Same as above but 3” in width.
Canvas Wrap ‘Chunky’ (2”)
Photographic print, bonded onto true artists’ canvas, stretched and wrapped around a lightweight frame.  Sizes from 10x8” to 60x40”.

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Canvas Wrap Round
Photographic print, with a canvas effect seal wrapped around a solid 18mm (just less than 1”) MDF panel.  Most sizes up to 60x40”.
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The Box Collection
Portfolio Boxes
The Portfolio box is a beautiful alternative to viewing your images. It contains card mounted images in luxury black boxes of 3, 5 or 10 images (max. of 12 images per portfolio box). Available in three sizes from10x8”, 12x10” to 16x12” boxes and with a choice of black or white border (lustre or glossy).

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Print Boxes
Print boxes are a ‘prints only’ package. Images are printed on lustre or glossy paper. They are available in two sizes: 6x6” print boxes (with up to 200 images per box) and 7.5x5” print boxes (with up to 250 images per box).  Minimum number of prints per box is 100 (for both sizes).  Choices on border colours are available.

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Prints in Folders
Images inserted in personally signed black folders available in different sizes (4x6”, 5x5”, 5x7”, 6x8”, 8x8”, 8x10”).  Choices of lustre or gloss finish available.

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Metalised prints
Images printed on special paper offering a distinctive high gloss look with a difference from 10x8” to 60x40”.

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Fine Art ‘Giclee’ prints.  These special prints are available in three distinctive papers which have long been print requirements for many museums and art galleries throughout the world. Referred to as Giclee printing, this high quality printing technique is achieved with a combination of state of the art inkjet heads placing the finest droplets of ink onto a variety of textured Fine Art graded papers.  Fine Art Giclee printing has benefits such as 100% acid free, PH neutral and archival properties.  Image sizes from 7x5” up to 12x8” images and up to 2” borders (overall sizes from 10x8” to 16.5”x11.7” or A3).
§Portrait 300gsm - The delicate ultra matt, 100% cotton rag based paper with a slightly textured feel, for those who require a heavy weight archival paper.
§Museum 310gsm - A very thick art grade paper with an ivory base and a textured surface. This paper is ideal for landscapes, wildlife and pictorial images.
§Artist 210gsm - A heavily textured ‘canvas like’ paper ideally suited to artists’ watercolour work or any photographic output requiring a subtle artistic impression.

Other image products includes bespoke luxury albums. Bespoke combinations are available.  Prices are dependent on individual requirement.


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